Can I Stop My Menstrual Period by Drinking Vinegar?

It is a myth that a woman can stop her menstrual cycle by drinking apple cider vinegar, explains Dr. Robert Killian and Dr. Sheila Calderon of HealthTap. Women are sometimes able to eliminate or lessen the frequency of their menstrual periods with certain forms of birth control, notes WebMD.

In 2003, Seasonale and Seasonique were two of the first birth control pills that the FDA approved to limit menstruation to four periods per year, explains WebMD. In 2007, Lybrel was the first birth control pill the FDA approved to eliminate a patient's menstrual cycles for a full year, explains Although brand-name Lybrel is no longer available, it is still available in its generic form, called Amethyst.

Unlike many other birth control regimens, which include days when patients take a placebo or no pill at all, women prescribed Amethyst take their birth control 365 days per year, notes Most women begin having periods again within three months of discontinuing the birth control.

Physician opinions differ on menstruation suppression through the use of oral contraceptives, according to WebMD. Advocates note that reducing or eliminating periods can be convenient and reduce many of the negative symptoms some women experience during their periods. Meanwhile, others, such as Dr. Jerilynn C. Prior, believe that natural menstruation has health benefits for women, such as contributing to cardiovascular and bone health.