What Can You Do to Stop Frequent Urination Due to Diabetes?


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To stop frequent urination due to diabetes, engage in Kegel exercises, which strengthen pelvic muscles and the urethra, says Medical News Today. By applying the right exercise technique and practicing for at least 30 days a day for 8 weeks, an individual curbs frequent voiding. Biofeedback, a procedure that requires a doctor's guidance to train the bladder and gain control of pelvic muscles, helps stop incontinence, reports Everyday Health.

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Bladder training can help a person resist the urge to urinate by letting his bladder hold urine longer. The training takes roughly two months, and effective bladder control occurs gradually, according to Medical News Today. Consulting a physician helps rule out or control other medical conditions that could be contributing factors. This includes high blood pressure, as the medication for it acts as a diuretic that increases voiding. The doctor adjusts the dosage of medication to curb its side effects, and patients reduce their fluid intake while taking the medication, advises Health Central.

To reduce the frequency of urination, diabetics should monitor their fluid intake before bedtime because it increases the urge to urinate, states Medical News Today. Patients should use a continuous glucose monitor to check their glucose levels because isolated checks offer little value as they do not inform the patient how the levels rise, explains Diabetes Self-Management. A change of diet that includes the avoidance of foods with a diuretic effect such as coffee, and intake of high-fiber foods helps control blood sugar and frequent urination.

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