How Can You Stop Your Face From Sweating Profusely?


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To treat excessive facial sweating, first get a medical assessment to check for any underlying conditions. If there are none, treatments such as topical antiperspirants and Botox can provide relief, according to SweatHelp.org.

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If the excessive facial sweating is not caused by any underlying medical condition, it is considered to be primary hyperhidrosis, states SweatHelp.org. Topical products applied to the skin can help to control this kind of sweating. These products typically are over-the-counter antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride and aluminum chloride hexahydrate. However, they are not a viable long-term solution as they can cause skin irritations on the face and scalp.

Botox injections work well to combat excessive sweating on the face and head, says SweatHelp.org. These injections must be administered only by a qualified practitioner and can sometimes cause asymmetry of the forehead if the Botox enters the facial muscles, according to SweatHelp.org. This negative side effect is a temporary problem and can be evened out with additional injections. Another treatment for excessive facial perspiration is systemic prescription medication called anticholinergics, according to SweatHelp.org. These medications, however, may have some serious side effects such as blurred vision,constipation, urinary problems and dry mouth, making them unsuitable for long-term use, according to WebMD.

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