How Can You Stop Bullying at Home?

How Can You Stop Bullying at Home?

Arming children with the skills needed to resist and confront bullying behavior is the best way for parents and other adults to combat bullying from the home. Knowledge about bullying prepares children to deal confidently and maturely with bullying when they are confronted with it.

Bullying is a societal ill that must be confronted through societal means. It demands education, communication and the modeling of good behavior, even at home.

Parents must educate themselves about bullying in order to educate their children. This includes teaching children how to identify bullying, discussing its roots in abuse experienced by the bullies themselves and other educational tracks.

It is important that children feel safe discussing bullying they have experienced or observed. Parents should make it clear that it is acceptable and encouraged to bring these instances to an adult in whom trust can be placed. This can be a teacher, mentor, friend or family member.

Children experiencing bullying need to be supported with love and understanding. They should also be encouraged to pursue their passions through hobbies and other pursuits as this can build confidence and provide them with a way to actualize themselves through developing their talents and acquiring new skills.