How Can You Stop Bleeding From the Rectum?


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An individual can stop most rectal bleeding by eating a diet rich in fiber and drinking plenty of water, states WebMD. Some rectal bleeding resolves itself after time. However, if rectal bleeding occurs due to cancer, more intensive treatments are required. Some conditions, such as Crohn's disease, have no cure.

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Rectal bleeding occurs for several reasons, each of which requires its own type of treatment, says WebMD. For instance, hemorrhoids can cause rectal bleeding, occurring when the blood vessels in the anus swell. While chronic hemorrhoids can require surgery, an individual can stop the bleeding by ingesting plenty of fiber and water to prevent straining during bowel movements. Small tears or fissures in the anal muscles, often caused by hard stools, can also cause bleeding. The fissures tear and the bleeding stops on its own. Gastroenteritis can cause bleeding as well as diarrhea, but this infection resolves itself after a matter of only days.

Rectal bleeding can result because of bowel or colorectal cancer, according to WebMD. Along with bleeding, an individual can also experience severe abdominal pain, abdominal masses, weight loss and unusual bowel movements. To stop the bleeding, an individual needs to undergo treatments. If caught in time, bowel cancer can be successfully treated. A chronic, incurable condition, Crohn's disease, flares up over periods of time, causing rectal bleeding, abdominal pain and weight loss.

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