Can You Still Play Sports With a Testicular Hernia?


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Medical professionals do not recommend playing sports with a testicular or an inguinal hernia because the condition worsens when patients strain the abdominal muscle wall. An inguinal hernia, which requires surgical repair and rest, may get worse when the individual stands for long periods, lifts heavy objects or plays sports, explains Covidien.

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Most testicular or inguinal hernias cause patients to feel a dull ache, general body weakness and a burning sensation in the abdomen or scrotum. These symptoms worsen with strenuous activities and exercises and feel better with rest, notes Covidien. Hernias, which start as pressure or discomfort in the abdomen, can turn into pain that radiates to the hip, legs and back if patients strain abdominal muscles.

The treatment of groin hernias includes surgical procedures that cover the area of weakness with a knitted mesh, according to Carolinas HealthCare System. If the hernia is not bothersome, it does not require repair. A patient with such a hernia can rest as a physician monitors the progress of the muscular weakness. Medical professionals recommend that patients should not lift heavy objects or perform strenuous activities for two to six weeks after the surgical procedure. After this period, patients can resume normal activities, including sports.

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