How Can You Stay Awake at Work When You Are Very Tired?


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Getting up and moving around, plus consuming small amounts of caffeine can help a person stay awake when she is tired at work, notes WebMD. Avoiding staring at a computer screen for too long also promotes wakefulness.

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Eating healthy snacks can boost energy. This includes eating bananas, wheat crackers and nuts. Eating energy-rich snacks gently increases blood sugar and provides energy. Increasing oxygen levels in the blood promotes wakefulness, according to WebMD. Sitting up straight, holding onto the belly just below the ribs and taking a deep breath increases oxygen in the blood. Repeating this exercise 10 times provides an energy boost.

People who work in poorly lit environments should turn up the lights to reduce fatigue. Sitting in a brightly lit environment increases alertness. People who work with others can start conversations to increase their alertness. Starting conversations about politics is particularly effective, notes WebMD. Workers may experience a second bout of energy throughout the day. These usually occur at around 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. and could act as useful times for workers to be productive. Workers who take naps for around 26 minutes have 34 percent fewer performance lapses than those who go throughout the day without naps.

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