How Can You Start Doing Yoga at Home?


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You can do yoga at home by finding a space in which to practice, getting the necessary equipment, learning basic poses and setting aside time every day. The only equipment needed for yoga is a yoga mat. A block, a strap and a blanket can also be used.

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There are many ways to learn the basic yoga poses and stretches, including online, through books, DVDs or live instruction. The yoga practitioner can create his own routine or follow along to a video or audio routine. Consistency is the most important aspect of practicing yoga at home. The practitioner should set aside a realistic amount of time every day. Yoga is a good activity to start the day as it is relaxing.

A beginner should start with short sessions of 10 to 15 minutes. The amount of time can be increased as the practitioner settles into a routine and discovers his inner rhythms. As he progresses, he can tailor the routine to his specific needs. Occasional live yoga classes are a useful addition to a home routine, as a qualified instructor can correct mistakes and teach new poses. Adding a friend or family member to a home routine helps keep both people motivated.

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