How Can I Start an Adult Day Care Center?

How Can I Start an Adult Day Care Center?

Adult care centers offer residents companionship and opportunities to participate in activities. You must comply with certain regulatory requirements in order to operate this business.

  1. Research your business

    Decide in which jurisdiction you want to start your adult care center. Contact your county and state government agencies to learn about the laws surrounding adult care businesses in the area. Use the information you gather to develop a business plan.

  2. Seek business training and assistance

    Contact the Small Business Administration district office or the Small Business Development Center office in your area for counseling, training and assistance.

  3. Choose an appropriate location

    Consider zoning and other legal and regulatory issues to be sure you choose an appropriate location.

  4. Obtain financing for your business

    Seek financing from a wide range of sources that offer business start-up capital. Contact your local, state and federal government agencies to find out about financing programs for adult care facilities.

  5. Register your adult care business

    Obtain all the necessary registrations, permits and licenses needed to legally operate an adult care business.

  6. Obtain insurance coverage

    Find out what type of insurance policy you need in your area. Learn about professional liability insurance, theft and fire insurance. Purchase these policies before you open your adult day care center.