Can Sprinting Cause Pain in the Foot?

Stress fractures can cause pain in the foot as the result of running or sprinting, according to WebMD. These small cracks in the bone can vary in severity and treatment.

Stress fractures generally occur in a runner's feet or shins. The cracks in the bone cause pain and discomfort, and typically arise when the runner works her body too hard. Pain usually gets worse with continued exercise and gets better with rest. Stress fractures are treated with rest, including refraining from physical activity for six to eight weeks. In some cases, a stiff shoe or bootwalker is needed to assist healing. In severe stress fractures, surgery may be necessary, reports the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society.

Stress fractures are preventable. Stretching before exercise, wearing appropriate footwear, and avoiding strenuous sprinting are some measures that can help reduce the incidence of stress fractures in the foot.