How Can the Spread of Hepatitis Be Prevented?


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There are numerous methods of preventing the spread of hepatitis, including getting vaccinated for both hepatitis A and B, using protection during intercourse (such as a condom), not sharing needles, washing the hands often, not sharing personal items such as toothbrushes or razors and practicing good hygiene and safety when getting tattoos, piercings or manicures, according to WebMD. People should also make sure they are immunized before traveling, especially to places where hepatitis is prevalent or where poor sanitation is an issue.

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People who work or visit certain facilities often should take extra precaution to prevent the spread of hepatitis. These facilities include tattoo parlors, nursing homes, hospitals, day care centers and restaurants. Certain lifestyle choices can also increase a person's risk of contracting hepatitis. People who take drugs, especially those taken intravenously, are at a higher risk of spreading hepatitis.

When visiting a nail salon for a manicure or pedicure, it is important to ensure that the nail technician uses sterile tools that are new, cleaned or disposable and are packaged correctly, especially tools that can penetrate the skin. Living in dormitories can also pose a risk, as many facilities are shared. When living in a dormitory, it is important to use a personal razor, toothbrush and other hygienic instruments.

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