How Can You Spot Bed Bug Rashes?


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Bedbug rashes appear as itchy red bites with a darker red color in the middle and form in a line or cluster, according to Mayo Clinic. Bedbug bites most often occur on the face, arms, neck and hands. Sometimes bedbug bites are difficult to identify from other insect bites.

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People have different reactions to bedbug bites, Mayo Clinic says. Some may have no reaction at all while others develop a severe allergy that results in hives or blisters that itch severely. It is important to seek medical treatment for severe allergic symptoms.

Bedbugs hide in mattresses, box springs, headboards and carpet under the bed, Mayo Clinic states. Sometimes they are found under peeling wallpaper, in the seams of upholstered furniture and even behind switch plates and electrical outlets.

People spread bedbugs when they travel, especially internationally, Mayo Clinic reports. Travelers who stay in a hotel room with bedbugs may bring some home on their clothing or in their luggage. Certain species of bedbugs that live in attics prefer bats or birds but settle for feeding on people if their favorite meal has migrated.

Bedbugs are often found in hotels, dormitories, apartment complexes, homeless shelters and barracks.

Travelers can keep from spreading bedbugs by putting all of their clothes in a hot dryer after they return home, the Environmental Protection Agency says. Frequent travelers may want to bring their own pillowcases, sheets and mattress protectors to use in hotel rooms.

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