How Can Spider Veins Be Removed From the Nose?

How Can Spider Veins Be Removed From the Nose?

Spider veins on the nose can be treated by laser ablation, surgery or sclerotherapy. Spider veins can also be referred to as telangiectasia or venulectasias. They are tiny blood vessels that cause red lines or patterns on the skin in areas such as the nose, cheeks and chin, notes MedicineNet.

Spider veins do not pose a serious threat to health. However, they may be unpleasant and cause discomfort when they appear in areas that are easily seen, reports Healthline. The exact cause of spider veins is not yet know, but scientists believe there is a relation between their formation and sun exposure. Other issues commonly associated with the development of this condition include alcohol consumption, pregnancy and aging.

In certain instances, spider veins may cause pain due to pressure in the blood vessels. Red marks may appear on the skin. Some individuals may experience itching. When telangiectasia is inherited, it may be life threatening.

Individuals with mild cases of this condition can easily manage the appearance by applying some make up. If the spider veins are too obvious, doctors may have to seal widened vessels by the aid of lasers. This option often elicits little pain and takes a short recovery time.

Sclerotherapy is a process in which damage is inflicted to the inner lining of the vessels. This is often followed by a development of a blood clot that causes the venule to collapse and scar. Doctors may equally remove spider veins through surgery. However this process is often painful and leads to longer recovery time.