How Can You Spice up Your Relationship With Your Wife?

How Can You Spice up Your Relationship With Your Wife?

One way to spice up the marriage is to get out and socialize in a manner similar to when first dating, notes Men's Health. Research indicates that socializing, especially with other couples, helps partners see each other in a renewed light as individuals.

When a marriage gets dull and routine, it can be due to both partners getting too intertwined with one another. Each spouse loses sight of the other as a separate person, and may overlook the things that originally made them fall in love.

Couples who were found to socialize with other couples, or even another friend, felt more passion and closer to one another, states Men's Health.

Ideas for getting out can be a simple dinner with friends or to try something different, adds Reader's Digest. Going to a wine tasting is a good way to mingle with others while having something to ease those awkward moments in conversation.

Couples may want to go to a theme park and get on some fast roller coaster rides to get the adrenaline flowing. Early risers might go to a weekend flea market and spend the day together. Spouses might even dare each other to find the most unusual gifts for one another at the market.