How Can I Speed up My Reflexes?


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According to AZ Central, a person can improve his reflexes by training his peripheral vision, running, and playing ball games. Reflexes refers to the reaction of muscles towards nerve impulses. Some people naturally have faster reflexes and reaction time compared to others, but these abilities can be improved by performing exercises that are specific to the type of reflex that needs to be enhanced.

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AZ Central states that if a person wants to improve his reflexes in general, running in unfamiliar places and on difficult terrain, such as in the woods, can be very effective. This is because the brain is forced to assess the environment quickly in order for the person to avoid obstructions. It is recommended that a person first jog slowly to improve his reflexes, and then gradually increase his speed until he can run in the woods without slipping.

According to AZ Central, peripheral vision refers to a person's ability to be aware of the things located at his left and right side while looking straight. In order to improve one's reflexes, peripheral vision must be trained by focusing one's eyes on something distant and then trying to identify the things in the peripheral vision. Doing this training every day for a few minutes is said to also improve a person's automatic responses towards the people and objects approaching from the sides.

AZ Central further explains that hand reflexes and eye-hand coordination can be improved by throwing a small ball hard against a wall and then catching it. Using a six-sided reaction ball in this training is a more effective way to improve a person's reflexes because it is designed to bounce in unpredictable directions, making it more challenging to catch.

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