How Can You Speed up Recovery From a Hysterectomy?


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A woman can speed up her recovery after a hysterectomy by becoming mobile, waiting before resuming a workout routine, and buying special medical equipment, notes Everyday Health and Tips on Healthy Living. A woman who takes proper care of herself after surgery can heal faster and lessen symptoms.

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No matter what kind of hysterectomy she had, a woman should start walking around after her hysterectomy as soon as her doctor gives her permission to do so, notes Everyday Health. Being mobile is also helpful even if the woman needs physical assistance. Moving around is essential after the procedure because it helps prevent blood clots in the legs, which can develop into a pulmonary embolism if the clot makes its way to the lungs.

Soreness is common the week following a hysterectomy, which is why patients are told to wait before easing back into an exercise routine, says Everyday Health. A woman can usually start to ease into a routine the second week after her surgery and slowly increase the intensity until she feels strong enough to resume her usual level of activity.

Special medical equipment that can be used to speed up recovery after a hysterectomy include a wheeled hospital bed, temporary toilet handhold bars, a seated walker and wedge pillows, according to Tips on Healthy Living. Such equipment can be bought used or rented.

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