How Can You Speed up Recovery After a Partial Knee Replacement?


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To speed healing after a partial knee replacement surgery, patients should walk with an assistive device for up to four weeks, see a physical therapist for up to six months, exercise and avoid high-impact activities, recommends Medline Plus. They should do as much as possible for themselves.

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After a partial, or unicompartmental, knee replacement surgery, patients should keep the knee elevated above heart level to minimize pain and swelling, advises The Knee Society. To aid healing, the incision should be kept dry for seven to 10 days.

Following the exercise program prescribed by the physical therapist is important, and range of motion exercises especially are important in the healing process, according to The Knee Society. To speed the recovery time, patients must make the time each day to perform the exercises as instructed by the physical therapist.

Within two weeks, most patients are able to resume most of their daily activities, however patients should avoid any activities that place stress on the knee for about two weeks, and stressful activities like strenuous weight lifting and jogging should be limited beyond two weeks, recommends The Knee Society. At least 30 minutes daily of low-impact aerobic exercise is recommended by most physicians, as are strengthening and stretching exercises.

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