How Can You Speed up the Process of Healing of a Black Eye?


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The best way to treat a black eye is to apply something cold to the affected area, but there is little else to treat it except to let it heal, according to WebMD. Packs of crushed ice and bags of frozen vegetables can reduce swelling and limit bleeding underneath the skin.

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Apply cold to a black eye for no more than 10 minutes at a time, and take 10 minute breaks, states WebMD, as freezing the skin can cause damage. It's also important to avoid further damaging the area; putting pressure on the eye or trying to force it to open can make the problem worse. Acetaminophen and aspirin can help relieve the pain.

When the swelling stabilizes after a few days, a warm-hot compress can help, reports Mayo Clinic. People with black eyes should use a warm-hot compress several times per day for a day or two. It's also important to look for signs of further damage, as black eyes might indicate a more serious injury that needs medical attention. People with black eyes should look for blood in the white or colored parts of their eyes. Those experiencing vision problems, bruising around both eyes or nose bleeding might have a fracture and should seek medical care. Severe pain might also indicate a serious problem.

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