How Can You Speed up the Healing of Scabs?

Some ways to speed up the healing of scabs are to keep them covered, avoid picking at the them, and clean them with cool water, states WebMD. Using these procedures helps relieve tenderness and improve redness around the scab.

Cleaning scabs with soap and water ensures that the wound is free of bacteria that can cause more damage. It is important to avoid soaking the wound in too much water because the scab can fall off, which prolongs the healing process, notes eHow. Picking at the scabs slows down the healing of the scab because a person can reopen the wound. Covering the scab helps prevent dirt and waste from being exposed to the affected area.

Scabs normally heal in three phases, which include the inflammatory phase, proliferation phase and maturation phase, according to Mederma. In the inflammatory phase, the body forms scabs in order to protect the exposed area. Removing scabs prematurely leads to larger skin blemishes. Utilizing antibacterial creams in this phase is very important in ensuring the scab heals quickly. The proliferation phase is when the body creates collagen, which creates new skin cells and causes the scab to fall off. The last phase, the maturation phase, is when water leaves the scar and the skin is significantly stronger than it was at the time of the injury.