How Can You Speed up Early Labor?


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To speed up labor, BabyCentre recommends urinating to keep the bladder empty so that it does not impede the baby's movement down the birth canal. A woman can also take walks and remain active to try and increase the intensity of her contractions. It can help for a woman to engage in sexual foreplay with her partner in an effort to release oxytocin and move the contractions along faster.

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JustMommies recommends stimulating pressure points on the body, such as the flesh between the thumb and index finger and the skin above the ankles, that are believed to correspond with contraction muscles. Pulling the knees to the abdomen in movements such as squatting and climbing stairs helps to apply pressure to the cervix and positions the baby further down in the birth canal. Consuming basil and oregano tea during the course of early labor is believed to induce uteran and cervical contractions in some cultures, according to JustMommies. A man's semen contains a substance called prostaglandin, which is known to aid the cervix in dilation and effacement, therefore some women may wish to engage in sexual intercourse with their partner if labor is not moving along fast enough. BabyCenter also recommends taking a warm bath or being treated by a hypnotist or acupuncturist as alternative methods to induce labor.

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