How Can You Help Speed the Healing Process for a Broken Wrist?

To speed up the healing process for a broken wrist, stop smoking, eat a good diet, watch your intake of calcium and stick to the treatment plan, states Talking to the doctor about other methods of treatment is also an option.

Doctors recommend that those with a broken wrist stop smoking, as it may affect the way the bone heals, explains Smoking increases the risk of developing a nonunion, which means the bones do not heal. Bones also heal faster when they get more nutrients, so eating a healthy diet can also help to heal bones, and it helps to improve and maintain bone health.

Taking enough calcium, but not too much, may also help to heal a broken wrist faster, states Take the amount on the label if using supplements and do not overdo it. Sticking to the doctor's treatment plan is also important. Trying to alter that plan by moving things ahead of schedule may delay recovery. It is also important to not remove a cast or splint on your own, as the doctor knows best. In some cases, there are alternatives to splinting or casting, so talk to the doctor about this option, too, which includes surgery, which can help the bone heal faster.