How Can Someone Get Rid of Trapped Gas?


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It is possible to get rid of trapped gas by drinking a lot of water and avoiding carbonated beverages, according to WebMD. In addition, avoiding alcohol is advisable.

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There are multiple home remedies people suffering from trapped gas can try to eliminate it.

  • There are non-prescription medications people suffering with trapped gas can take, but it is essential to check the instructions before taking them.
  • Some people find that taking charcoal tablets when the first signs of gas appear alleviates the problem.
  • People who take antacids may find it helps with gas in the stomach, as it encourages belching. However, antacids are not helpful for gas that is already in the intestines.
  • Individuals who suffer from gas regularly can try adding a food enzyme like Beano to their diet, as it encourages food to break down rather than causing gas.

According to Mayo Clinic, people who regularly suffer from trapped gas and would like to prevent it can:

  • Try eating smaller meals
  • Chew food slowly
  • Avoid activities that cause air to enter the stomach, such as chewing gum, sucking on hard sweets and sucking drinks through a straw
  • Make sure dentures fit correctly
  • Avoid smoking, as it increases the amount of air that enters the stomach
  • Exercise to encourage gas to move through the digestive tract comfortably
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