How Can Someone Get Rid of Stomach Pains?


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How a person should get rid of stomach pains depends on the cause, as WebMD states. One way to address the problem at home is to sip peppermint tea.

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Individuals who experience momentary stomach pains and want to treat them at home should try eating less. In addition, ingesting small amounts of baking soda, not smoking or drinking and drinking lemon or lime juice can help. Some experts also recommend drinking chamomile tea, taking an antacid or eating ginger or licorice. People who experience persistent stomach pain should visit a doctor to identify the cause.

It is important that people who experience ongoing stomach pains do not take over-the-counter drugs until they know what the cause is. Certain drugs, especially ibuprofen, can cause intestinal bleeding that makes the problem worse and they can exacerbate conditions like stomach ulcers. Doctors who find a pathological cause for stomach pain may recommend medications, such as prescription antacids for gastroesophegial reflux and antibiotics for stomach infections. More serious causes of stomach pain, such as appendicitis, may require surgery.

Most people who experience stomach pain do so because of innocuous causes. This includes indigestion, constipation, stomach viruses and menstrual cramps. Such problems usually pass with home remedies and do not need medical attention.

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