How Can Someone Get Rid of Scabies?


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A cream or lotion containing permethrin or another special medicine usually treats scabies and is normally applied from the neck down. A doctor may prescribe pills to treat severe cases of scabies, according to WebMD. Antihistamines can also relieve itching during treatment.

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After starting treatment for scabies, clothes or bedding used in the past three days needs to be washed and dried. Hot temperature settings on both the washer and dryer kill any mites, states WebMD. Keeping the clothes in a sealed plastic bag for at least three days kills the mites as well. Dry cleaning is another option to remove the mites from clothing and bedding. Any rooms occupied by the infected person require cleaning and vacuuming to remove any remaining mites.

The side effects of the medicated lotion or pills can be dangerous if the patient does not follow a doctor's instructions. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and some older adults should avoid certain medicines for the condition. People undergoing treatment for scabies should also avoid close contact with other people and avoid sharing personal items until treatment is completed to avoid spreading the infection, warns WebMD.

Tiny mites that burrow into the skin cause scabies, explains WebMD. Itching results due to an allergic reaction. Scabies spreads via person-to-person contact and through sharing towels, clothing and other personal items.

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