How Can Someone Get Rid of Gas and Bloating?


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To get rid of gas and bloating, a person should reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages and carbonated beverages he drinks, and increase water consumption, according to WebMD. Some nonprescription medicines may be taken to alleviate gas and bloating.

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Some people take food enzymes, such as Beano, with foods that are known to cause gas, which helps to reduce gas, notes WebMD. Antacids such as Mylanta Gas or Maalox Anti-Gas may allow gas to be burped more easily. Some people may take activated charcoal tablets, such as CharcoCap, to reduce the stench from gas. It is important to only take gas and bloating medicines as directed on the label.

Usually gas and bloating go away naturally, and do not cause any real harm, states WebMD. Gas is often caused by swallowing air. It may also be caused by a person's diet. On average, people pass gas between 6 and 20 times daily, and it is not usually caused by an underlying health problem. Burping may be caused by a gallbladder problem or an ulcer, but it usually occurs because of swallowed air.

Gas and bloating may be caused by lactose intolerance, according to WebMD. Sometimes gas or bloating is caused by supplements or medications. Women may experience gas or bloating due to changes in hormonal levels, such as before menstruation.

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