How Can Someone Prevent a Stroke?

How Can Someone Prevent a Stroke?

To prevent a stroke, eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking, maintain a healthy weight, limit use of alcohol and get enough exercise. Anyone can use these techniques to avoid a stroke regardless of age or family lineage, notes Harvard Medical Publication.

Individuals with obesity or excess weight are at a high risk of suffering a stroke. This is why it is highly encouraged that those with excessive weight find ways of losing some. Those who are at a healthy weight should maintain their weight to avoid increasing the dangers of stroke.

Another group of people at a high risk of suffering a stroke are cigarette smokers. Avoiding second hand smoke and quitting cigarette smoking altogether is a good way to reduce the risk of suffering a stroke.

Eating a balanced diet is generally good because it helps prevent a number of diseases and ensures the body is well nourished. The diet should equally be low on cholesterol, trans fats and saturated fats. Limiting salt intake is vital for better blood pressure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Exercise helps in proper distribution of nutrients throughout the body. It also helps keep the body fit and boosts the immune system. Engaging in frequent exercises can be a good way to reduce the chances of suffering from a stroke.