How Can Someone Prevent Buzzing in the Head?

Buzzing in the head and ringing in the ears, a condition called tinnitus, can be prevented by wearing hearing protection when exposed to loud machinery and noises, listening to music at a lower volume, and living a healthy lifestyle, advises Mayo Clinic. However, some types of tinnitus can't be prevented, only managed.

Chronic tinnitus has no cure, as of 2015, but treatments can help an individual to manage the symptoms, states Harvard Health Publications. For instance, cognitive behavioral therapy can help an individual to relax and cope with the consistent buzzing or ringing of tinnitus, improving his quality of life and decreasing depression associated with the condition. Tinnitus retraining therapy helps the person's auditory system become accustomed to the sound, making it less annoying. This therapy uses a sound generator to match the buzzing sound, and replay it to the auditory system for short periods of time. Masking devices cover the ringing with white noise or other sounds.

Treatments depend on the reason of the tinnitus, explains Harvard Health Publications. Antimalarial drugs, certain antibiotics and anticonvulsants, and some cancer medications can all cause tinnitus as a side effect. Discontinuing use of the drugs resolves the problem. Some buzzing can be a result of a head injury, jaw clenching, tooth grinding and neck tension, which can be relieved with muscle relaxation and massage therapy.