Where Can Someone Find Out the Costs of Osseous Surgery?

Where Can Someone Find Out the Costs of Osseous Surgery?

Those interested in the costs of osseous surgery can inquire with the dentist's office where the procedure is performed, or they can use online resources and tools provided by insurance companies, as explained by Aetna. The American Dental Association also publishes a survey on its website in a well-organized PDF file.

Osseous surgery is recommended when tooth decay is significant; a dentist makes incisions around the tooth or teeth affected and pulls back the gums to expose areas where plaque and tartar has accumulated. Once cleaned, dissolving sutures are used to hold the gum tissue higher on the tooth.

The charge for osseous treatment depends on the number of quadrants and teeth being treated. There are four quadrants in the mouth and it's common to remove teeth as part of the process, according to PerioPeak Innovations.

When a tooth is extracted, extra fees are added to the treatment; bone grafts, implants to replace a tooth, partial dentures, bridges and other restorative measures can quickly increase the cost of surgery.

Insurance companies and websites such as Guardian Anytime offer clients and users robust search tools to search for dentists by ZIP code and find estimates for the cost of osseous surgery by area.