How Can Someone Lose Side Fat?


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There is no way to lose side fat specifically, according to Ace Fitness. The best way for people to lose fat overall is create a calorie deficit.

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Spot reduction is a weight loss concept that aims to lose fat in a particular area of the body. While there is no scientific basis for spot reduction, there are ways people can lose body fat overall, which eventually has an effect on the target area. The simplest way to lose fat is to create a calorie deficit. Regardless of what someone is eating, the calories are either expended as energy or stored across the body as fat.

Each pound is worth approximately 3,500 calories. People who cut 500 calories per day from their diet will lose 1 pound a week. However, the pound is not just fat; it also includes a blend of lean muscle mass and water.

People who want to cut calories can cut down on items that have high calories and low nutritional value, such as substituting ice cream for fruit, swapping high-calorie foods for low calorie substitutes and reducing portion sizes on a daily basis, like drinking half a glass of juice instead of a full one.

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