How Can Someone Increase Their Vertical Leap Instantly?


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To increase your vertical jump, first get rid of any knots, or "trigger points," in your leg muscles. These trigger points restrict muscle tissue, reducing elasticity. Remove knots by using a foam roller and moving slowly over your legs, making sure to stop on tender spots.

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Do Bulgarian split squats to increase strength and improve balance. To do a Bulgarian split squat, stand about 2 feet from a bench, facing away from it, and place the leg that needs work on the bench seat. Rest the top of the foot on the bench, and hold a dumbbell in each hand while standing straight. Squat down until the back of your knee is close to the floor. Use the heel from your lead foot to lift yourself back up until you are standing again. This constitutes one rep; do three sets of eight reps on each leg to ensure that you are gaining strength.

Incorporate depth jumps into your workout. A depth jump is done by stepping off of an elevated surface like a box, and immediately jumping upward after landing. Practicing depth jumps helps improve reaction time. To perform a depth jump, stand on a box that is about 6 to 8 inches from the floor. Step off, the box, and as soon as you feel your feet touch the ground, jump upward as high as possible, and reach your arms upward as soon as you feel your feet touch the ground. Do three sets three reps in the first week, and gradually increase the number of sets every week.

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