How Can You Help Someone Going Through the Five Stages of Dying?

Helping someone with the five stages of dying involves recognizing that each stage does not happen in a specific order and that all people do not grieve in the same manner, according to Psych Central. Being a good listener and being compassionate and present are all important, states Hospice Net.

One of the most important ways to help someone through the stages of dying is to visit him as often as possible, according to Hospice Net. This shows the person that he is not alone. It is also important to listen to the dying person's feelings. Learn about his illness, allow him to express himself without judgment or criticism, and offer to help.

The five stages of dying are denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, according to Psych Central. Denial is a defense mechanism to feelings that are too overwhelming to comprehend immediately. Anger is a response to the reality of the situation, and bargaining is the dying person's way of attempting to regain control of the situation. Depression is a reaction to impending loss, sadness and regrets. Acceptance is the final stage, where feelings of calm seem to emerge. The person may seem to withdraw and may seem depressed, although this phase is not the same as depression.