How Can Someone Gain 10 Pounds Fast?

How Can Someone Gain 10 Pounds Fast?

Muscle and Fitness recommends drinking workout shakes before and after workouts to gain weight quickly. It is also important to drink shakes during a workout. These shakes have a healthy amount of carbohydrates and proteins, including amino acids, glutamine and creatine, which all foster muscle repair and growth. The Houston Chronicle mentions that a person must also consume more calories than those burned to gain weight.

The Houston Chronicle further notes that eating healthy foods that promote lean muscle mass is more effective than simply gaining weight.

Muscle and Fitness mentions that eating fat-digesting carbohydrates and focusing on eating proteins for breakfast are more ways of gaining weight. This stops the body from using muscle protein as an overnight fuel source when liver glycogen levels decrease. Good digestive food sources include white bread or fruit.

Eating before bedtime is another practice that promotes gaining weight. A slow-digesting protein to eat before bed is casein. Casein is found in cottage cheese, and Fit Day recommends peanut butter, walnuts and mixed nuts as foods that slow the body from absorbing protein.

Casein protein in workout shakes is another effective option for gaining weight. Whey protein is also an alternative, especially the whey protein in milk. Eating a meal that contains red meat is another effective measure. Beef enhances testosterone and increases muscle mass. Consuming omega-3 foods, such as salmon, decreases muscle loss and fosters muscle development. Eating two or three salmon-based meals a week is a plan to follow. Research also reveals that those who consume three eggs a day gain more muscle than those who only eat one egg a day.

The Houston Chronicle mentions that eating every two or three hours also promotes weight gain and should amount to five or six meals daily.