How Can Someone Get a Flat Stomach?


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People who want to get flat stomachs should eat balanced diets and begin incorporating small changes into their daily routines, according to WebMD. This includes holding in abdominal muscles while walking and eating enough fiber.

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Small changes can lead to a flat stomach:

  • Eat at least 25 grams of fiber a day if female and 38 grams a day if male. Doing so while drinking plenty of water prevents constipation, which limits bloating and makes the stomach flatter.
  • People who suffer from food allergies are more likely to experience bloating. Avoid using self-testing kits because ¬†they do not always produce accurate results.
  • Actions like consuming carbonated drinks and eating too fast cause bloating by swallowing air. Instead, swap fizzy drinks for water and spend time chewing food carefully.
  • When eating diet foods, watch out for the sodium and fat content. Foods listed as being low in sugar may still be high in fat and vice versa. Too much salt causes the body to retain water, making the stomach feel bloated.
  • Incorporate exercise into a daily routine by making small changes. For example, instead of meeting up with friends over coffee, go for a walk with them instead. While walking, hold in the abdominal muscles to help with toning.
  • Individuals who want to burn stomach fat need to engage in cardio. A study by Duke University found that cardiovascular exercise sessions burn 67 percent more calories than resistance training.

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