How Can Someone Care for a Sunburn?


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To care for a sunburn, apply soothing lotions that have aloe vera as an ingredient. Topical steroids also help to soothe sunburns.

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How Can Someone Care for a Sunburn?
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When caring for a sunburn, applying aloe vera based products or topical steroids several times per day can offer relief. They can also reduce the swelling associated with sunburns. When using topical products, they should not be applied to the face or genitals, according to WebMD.

People can also apply a cool cloth to the areas that are sunburned. The coolness provides temporary relief and this can be done several times daily. Ensure the skin dries thoroughly between applications of a cold cloth.

If a sunburn is severe enough to produce blisters, users should take care to keep the area around the blisters clean. After the blisters break open, dirt or bacteria can enter and cause an infection. After the blisters open, applying an antibiotic ointment and clean bandage is a good choice. If the blisters begin producing puss, become dark red or develop red streaks, medical attention is important as this indicates an infection.

Other over-the-counter pain medications can help relieve some of the pain caused by sunburns. Users should follow the directions on the bottle for best results.

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