How Can Someone Know If They Have Broken a Hand?


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A broken hand is usually characterized by symptoms such as swelling, tenderness, numbness and extreme pain that increases when gripping or squeezing. It is prudent to pay a visit to the nearest doctor for an accurate diagnosis if a broken bone is suspected, according to Mayo Clinic.

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A common symptom of a broken hand involves the misalignment of fingers. This may be accompanied by difficulty in moving the area affected and painful sensations that increase when trying to use the broken hand. In most cases, the area around the broken bone will start swelling, become tender and may look bruised.

Individuals may suffer from a broken hand for various reasons, including crush injuries, falls, the improper use of tools, sports related injuries and impact from work-related activities. Most injuries resulting in broken hands can be prevented if the right precautions are taken, notes WebMD.

Doctors usually order an X-ray of the broken hand to determine the best course of action with regards to treatment. They may then provide antibiotics to prevent infection and a cast to immobilize the broken hand to facilitate faster healing. In cases of extreme pain, doctors may prescribe painkillers that the patient should take as directed.

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