How Can Do You Sneak More Vegetables Into Kids' Meals?


Parents who would like for their children to eat more vegetables can incorporate a few techniques into their cooking regimen, including finely chopping or shredding mild-flavored vegetables and mixing them into dishes that their children like, such as finely shredded vegetables mixed into a spaghetti meat sauce. Kids may also not notice or even mind the addition of vegetables into a favorite veggie-free dish such as mac and cheese, which can even be made as a quick meal by mixing frozen veggies into a warm pot of boxed macaroni dinner.

Children who are truly stubborn about eating vegetables may need to eat foods that don't obviously have vegetables in them, which means disguising strange colors and textures. Though tomato sauce on its own is a pretty good step for a kid who won't eat any vegetables but enjoys pizza, mixing some pureed, unseasoned pumpkin together with tomato sauce will likely go unnoticed, especially when pizza toppings are added to the equation. Using cheese with stronger flavors, such as parmesan or white cheddar, in addition to the standard mozzarella may make it harder for kids to detect new veggie flavors in pizza. Inviting kids to help prepare meals such as veggie-topped homemade pizza may also make them more excited about eating vegetables.