How Can You Get to Sleep Faster?


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Some ways to fall asleep faster include establishing and maintaining a bedtime routine, keeping your room cooler, and enjoying a light bedtime snack. You can also fall asleep more easily by engaging in moderate aerobic exercise at least four times per week.

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Establishing a bedtime routine requires that you do the same things in the same order each night before bed. For example, you could take a hot bath and then spend 30 minutes reading a good book each night before you turn off the lights. You could also enjoy a light bedtime snack each night. Research shows that foods that contain both carbohydrates and protein, such as cheese and crackers, or peanut butter and toast, help you feel sleepy. Over time, your body begins to recognize the activities you engage in before bedtime as cues that you're about to go to sleep, and falling asleep quickly becomes second nature.

According to Robert Oexman, the director of Sleep to Live Institute, people have the easiest time falling asleep in rooms that are between 65 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If your room is hotter or cooler than this, adjust the temperature to fall asleep faster.

While exercising right before bedtime is likely to keep you awake, fitting in some aerobic activity at least 3 hours before bed helps you fall asleep more quickly. Experts recommend 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise at least four days per week. Swimming, biking and jogging are all good choices.

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