How Can You Sleep Better?

can-sleep-better Credit: Daly and Newton/OJO Images/Getty Images

A person can improve his sleep patterns by establishing a bedtime ritual and sticking to it. Doing the same things at the same times each night tells the body it is time to start slowing down metabolism and getting ready for sleep. Mayo Clinic recommends relaxing activities that transition the body from the daily stresses to restful sleep.

Food, alcohol and caffeine all have the potential to interrupt an individual's sleep. Overeating causes discomfort that causes a restless night. However, going to bed hungry is another way people rob themselves of rest. While alcohol may induce sleep initially, later in the night, it is likely to disrupt rest. Caffeine takes hours for the body to eliminate. Mayo Clinic indicates drinking too much water or soda leads to nighttime trips to the bathroom.

WebMD recommends banning blue light from the bedroom. Blue light has a shorter wavelength than other types of light and causes increased brain activity. Potential sources of this type of light include the television, computer, cellphone or an alarm clock that has a blue display.

Mayo Clinic recommends that individuals take positive steps to reduce stress in their lives to improve their sleep. One way to reduce the worries that cause sleeplessness is for the individual to write down the things on his mind at bedtime and give himself permission to put them off until the next day. Exercise or laugh with a friend during the day to relieve stress and improve sleep.