How Can You Get Skinnier Legs?

How Can You Get Skinnier Legs?

To get skinnier legs, follow an exercise regimen including both cardio and strength training as well as eat a healthy diet as recommended by WebMD and Fitness Magazine. There are many methods out there, but the only scientifically proven method to get skinnier legs includes a plan that incorporates changes in diet, cardio and strength training.

Making dietary adjustments and adding a cardio program and a weight strengthening program makes it possible to get thin, shapely thighs and legs.

Step 1: Adjust the diet

Begin adjusting the diet by limiting the number of calories consumed, according to WebMD. Begin drinking more water throughout the day and cutting out other sugary drinks. Add vegetables and lean meats or fish to the diet, and limit dairy consumption.

Step 2: Add cardio

WebMD states that cardio assists with weight loss by increasing the heart rate and burning additional calories. This works to increase the caloric deficit, which in turn leads to additional weight loss.

Step 3: Add weights

Weight training for the thighs can develop muscles in the thighs and burn more calories. One of the best weight exercises for the thigh area is the lunge with dumbbells. Stand on the floor with feet shoulder width apart and with a dumbbell in each hand. Then, perform the lunge while holding each dumbbell.