How Can You Get Six Pack Abdominal Muscles As a Teenager?

TeensHealth notes that teenagers can develop six-pack abdominal muscles by concentrating on exercises such as side crunches and sit-ups. Additionally, a teenager wanting six-pack abdominal muscles should balance his strength workouts with cardio exercises that increase the heart rate, such as bicycling or running.

A teenager is better off with a workout that is made specifically for his age group and stage of physical development since his body is more than likely still going through puberty, states TeensHealth. Without enough testosterone, a young teenager may be unable to achieve the muscle definition necessary for visible abdominal muscles. In addition to working out, a teenager seeking six-pack abdominals needs to eat a healthy diet filled with lean protein sources and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

TeensHealth notes that genes also play a huge part in deciding whether or not a teenager, or anyone else for that matter, develops six-pack abdominal muscles. Even with plenty of exercise and a low body fat percentage, there are some individuals who simply can't develop visible abdominal muscles. The reason for this is that some teenagers and older individuals have a thicker layer of tissue and skin over the abdominal muscles. Not having a visible six-pack doesn't mean that an individual isn't strong or physically fit.