How Can You Shrink Haemorrhoids Fast?


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Applying witch hazel compresses, drinking plenty of water and adding fiber to the diet combine to shrink hemorrhoids quickly, according to About.com. Applying an over-the-counter medicine, such as Preparation H, helps to shrink the hemorrhoids even more quickly, notes WebMD.

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Witch hazel is a medicine made of the witch hazel plant, scientifically known as Hamamelis virginiana. Compresses soaked in witch hazel are available over the counter in airtight containers, and hemorrhoid sufferers dab the compresses directly on the hemorrhoid when possible, holding the compresses in place to allow the medicine to soak into the area. In addition to alleviating swelling, these compresses also help with the itching and pain associated with hemorrhoids, as stated by About.com.

Preparation H provides a protective barrier between the hemorrhoid(s) and the stool, keeping inflamed skin from encountering further irritation. With ingredients such as zinc oxide, starch and cocoa butter, this medicine is applied after each bowel movement after the patient uses toilet paper and sanitary wipes to clean the area and pat it dry, as stated by WebMD.

Consuming fiber softens the consistency of the stool and adds bulk to it so that it is easier to pass, notes About.com. Studies have revealed that increasing dietary fiber helps relieve pain and itch of hemorrhoids.

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