How Can You Shorten the Time It Takes to Recover From Bunion Surgery?

Most individuals who undergo bunion surgery are off work for eight weeks, but a physiotherapist who is familiar with the procedure is helpful in facilitating recovery when returning to non- or low-impact activities, according to Runner’s World. Supportive postoperative footwear helps to stabilize the surgical site as more weight is applied.

Once an individual can walk and perform daily living activities without pain, strengthening exercises for the abdomen, upper body and legs can facilitate a quicker return to full functioning, explains Runner’s World. Consulting a physiotherapist to assess proper movement mechanics as activity levels increase is recommended before returning to high-impact and high-weightbearing activities. Custom orthotics in supportive shoes can be helpful.

Recovery after bunion surgery can take from six weeks to six months, according to WebMD. In some cases, a full year is required for the soft tissue and affected bones to heal. Stitches are removed after one to three weeks, and the foot must be kept dry until they are removed. Pins in the foot may be left in place for up to six weeks, and for some individuals, regular shoes may not be worn for three to four months. Over 100 different bunion surgeries exist; the choice of surgery performed is determined by the specific condition being treated.