Can Shingles Erupt on Your Hand?

Although it is not common, shingles sometimes erupts on the hand, according to MedlinePlus. The rash is more common on the back and chest. It appears most often as a wrap-around stripe on one side of the torso, the CDC states.

Occasionally, the arms or legs are affected, MedlinePlus reveals. Very rarely, people with poor immune systems exhibit a general rash much like chickenpox. In some cases, shingles shows up on one side of the face, explains the CDC. If it extends to an eye, vision loss is possible.

Typically, shingles begins with pain in the affected area, MedlinePlus observes. People feel burning, shooting, tingling or itching sensations. Within one day to two weeks, a rash or blisters appear. Blisters form scabs in about a week, and shingles often disappears two to four weeks after onset, reveals the CDC. However, some individuals still have pain months or years after the rash is gone, warns MedlinePlus.