Can You Have Shingles Without Breaking Out?


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It is possible to have shingles without breaking out in a rash, according to Mayo Clinic. Some of the other symptoms include pain, tingling, burning, sensitivity, headache, fever, sensitivity to light, and fatigue.

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In most cases, the symptoms of shingles only affect a small part of one side of the body, notes Mayo Clinic. Pain is generally the initial symptom and is intense in some cases. Sometimes the pain of shingles is mistaken for problems in the kidneys, lungs or heart.

When shingles patients develop a rash, it shows up as a line of blisters wrapping around one side of the torso, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Another possible location is around an eye or on one side of the face or neck. People who suspect shingles should seek medical attention; however, certain factors make seeking medical attention even more urgent. If the affected area (pain, rash or both) is near one eye, immediate treatment is necessary because the infection can damage that eye permanently. People over 70 should seek treatment because of the complications that age brings to many diseases. If the rash appears over a large part of the body and causes pain, or if the patient or a relative have a compromised immune system because of medications, chronic illness or cancer, then seeing a doctor is vital as well.

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