How Can You Get in Shape in 30 Days?

How Can You Get in Shape in 30 Days?

Get in shape in 30 days by finding a healthy exercise and nutrition plan to help you lose fat and tone muscles. On the nutrition side, most plans focus on eating healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and controlling portion size, rather than the calorie counting often associated with weight-loss plans. For exercise, many plans focus on short, daily bouts of simple exercise.

  1. Jump-start with cardio exercise

    FitDay recommends jump-starting your fitness plan by engaging in mid- to high-intensity cardio for the first week. The plan suggests 45 minutes of an exercise such as Zumba, kickboxing or cycling, supplemented by a 30-minute walk every day.

  2. Switch to healthy foods

    Meal plans for getting in shape in 30 days typically focus on clean eating, which replaces fatty meats with lean meats and fish and eliminates foods with added sugars in favor of fruits.

  3. Add lower-intensity exercise and strength training

    For long-term fitness, focus on strength training to build muscles. In the later weeks of your plan, switch to interval training for your cardio workout. For strength training, lift weights that target the muscles of most concern. For arm toning, focus on bicep exercises. For overall fitness, focus on the abdominal muscles.