Can Severe Shoulder Blade Pain Be a Sign of Cancer?

can-severe-shoulder-blade-pain-sign-cancer Credit: Georgijevic/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Severe shoulder blade pain is not commonly a sign of cancer, but if the pain is sudden and not injury-related, it can be a sign of a heart attack, states Healthline. Common causes of shoulder pain include osteoarthritis, bone spurs, a torn rotator cuff, tendinitis and a broken shoulder bone.

A person experiencing severe shoulder pain that continues to the jaw, neck or chest with chest tightness, breathing difficulty, excessive sweating or dizziness needs immediate medical attention, notes Healthline. Additional reasons one should seek medical attention for shoulder pain are fever, inability to move the shoulder, lasting bruising, tenderness and heat surrounding the joint, or pain that continues after treatment at home for a few weeks.