How Can You Set up a Mall Walking Program?

Contact the management or owners of the mall and ask for permission to set up a mall walking program. Advertise the program using fliers, word of mouth and through social media, such as Meetup, Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to include contact information, dates, times and a location to meet. Meet with other walkers and begin walking regularly.

Informal mall walking programs allow walkers to meet and exercise together but do not provide organizational support or services. In contrast, formal programs can be structured in many ways and can include health education, sponsorship from mall businesses, membership fees and free or discounted transportation costs to and from the mall. Consider hiring a trained health and fitness professional to plan and monitor the program.

Mall walking is a popular exercise activity due to the temperature controlled environment that allows exercise at any time of the year, there is little fear from injury or crime and the few resources needed to participate other than properly fitted shoes. The social aspects of a mall walking program may also attract participants. Be sure to include these characteristics while advertising the program to increase recruitment.

Stretch before and after walking to prevent injuries. Drink plenty of water before, during and after walking. End the walk with a slow pace to cool down.