How Can Seniors Find Subsidized Apartments to Rent?

How Can Seniors Find Subsidized Apartments to Rent?

There are a number of online resources, usually specific to each state, that seniors can use to search for subsidized rental apartments, but the local housing authority needs to be contacted to ensure that individuals are eligible for the subsidy. Other forms of public housing can also be applied for if an individual has low income, or has disabilities.

To apply for either subsidized rent or public housing, seniors should contact the local housing authority and submit all earnings information, along with references from previous landlords.

The housing association can then determine whether the applicants are eligible for either subsidized rentals, public housing or a housing voucher (which can pay for a portion of rent, or the full amount, depending on the applicant's circumstances).

Applicants for public housing must be United States citizens and their income must be low enough to qualify. Seniors who have special needs or require additional help with utility bills, can also apply for local state based rental help.

While the housing authority can help with the financial commitments of rentals through subsidy, it can also help seniors locate a suitable property through local state-based services. Seniors can, however, also locate property themselves if they choose.