How Can Seniors Get Free Dental Care?


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The ways that seniors can get free dental care include visiting dental schools that have student clinics as well as contacting the state health department in order to find low cost and free dental clinics in their area. There are also dental organizations that provide assistance with finding free treatment.

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In the event of an emergency, Medicare pays for certain dental services, but it only does so if they are dental services that are necessary for a Medicare-covered operation. For example, Medicare does not generally cover tooth extractions, but if a tooth extraction needs to be done because the patient has a form of cancer that needs to be treated, then the extraction is covered if the tooth extraction is necessary as part of the cancer treatment.

Some county dental associations have free dental clinics. If there is a local senior center in the area, check with it because these centers sometimes have dentists visit and provide dental care to their residents.

The options that seniors have for free dental care differ among local areas. To get free dental care, seniors have to search locally to find out what dental clinics and community associations provide for in their area. Additionally, eligibility requirements may differ among areas and organizations.

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