How Can You Get Senior Meals Delivered at Home?


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As of 2015, contact companies including Mom's Meals NourishCare and GA Foods for senior meal delivery at home. Iowa-based Mom's Meals NourishCare delivers to the District of Columbia and every state except Alaska and Hawaii. Using Florida, Georgia and Missouri facilities, GA Foods delivers meals to homes of residents in programs funded by governments and charitable organizations. The company delivers in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Maryland. GA Foods also delivers in Colorado, Iowa, New Jersey, Arkansas and Kentucky.

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Mom's Meals NourishCare prepares its meals in kitchens inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and delivers fresh meals that remain fresh for two weeks in a refrigerator. The company offers more than 60 meal choices and special diet menu categories, such as diabetic-friendly, gluten-free and heart-healthy. The customer care team provides customized meal programs for individual needs. Vegan meals and ovo-lacto vegetarian meals are available. Ovo-lacto vegetarian meals contain no animal proteins, but include eggs, dairy, nuts, beans and plant proteins.

GA Foods delivers frozen SunMeadow brand meals to customers at home. The food service company uses specially manufactured freezer trucks and trains its food service representatives in senior care and food safety issues to deliver its meals to the elderly. GA Foods offers ovo-lacto vegetarian meals and meals that are suitable for dialysis patients, diabetic patients and high blood pressure patients. All of the company's meals are low in fat, cholesterol and sodium.

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